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Members Area


Welcome to the Members Area of the Yateley Society Website


In this area we report the outcome of some of the Current Projects within the Society and allow members to access potentially sensitive, confidential or copyrighted materials. Some sections are password protected


Resolutions of the Yateley Society AGM 2004


1) Criminal Damage to Sites of Specific Scientific Interest (SSSI)

2) Boundaries of Conservation Areas

3) Registration of 'Waste of the Manor'

4) Importance of the Yateley - Darby Green Gap

5) Supplementary Planning Guidance for High Density Housing

6) Church End Enhancement

7) Temporary Traveller Sites


Yateley WW2 and post-WW2 Local History Project


We are currently researching the post-WW2 period which saw the dramatic, almost 10 fold rise in the population of the village from its pre-WW2 levels. Practically all available land in Yateley is now covered by vast housing estates. Links with the past include the registered common land, and the three Conservation Areas. More recent history has left us with Blackbushe Airport, and the lakes resulting from completed gravel workings along the Blackwater Valley. We are seeking answers as to why Yateley was chosen for this dramatic development, and researching the history of the development itself. The project is being undertaken as background to the Parish Plans process.


Already we are researching historical documents available in record offices and libraries. If you are keen on family history then why not widen your horizon and do some recent local history -- no Tudor handwriting or mediaeval Latin to cope with! We want as many people as possible to participate. Please ask your neighbours, clubs and organisations for names of people who were already living here before the first estates were built, and who were the first to move into those new estates. We need photographs, old movies, sale particulars, developers' brochures. Why not try oral history recording?


Contact us


Yateley Ancient Oaks Initiative


The Yateley Society has completed a pilot survey of oak trees in Yateley and Eversley. The first objective was to determine whether any ancient oaks (as defined by the Ancient Tree Forum) still exist. Two very ancient oaks were measured in Eversley. Research carried out for the second Cobbetts Lane Public Inquiry in 1994 found that the ancient field boundaries in that area contained lapsed pollarded oaks. These have now been properly surveyed. The second objective of the survey was to determine what can be learned about historical tree management practices in growing timber for building construction. Dating such trees can throw light on the origins of the field systems, and historical tree management techniques. The pilot stage of the survey examined 20 oaks using scientific tree-ring dating techniques (dendrochronology) carried out by a fully qualified professional. The dendrochronological results proved very interesting, and the Society is seeking partners to assist with funding to extend the dendrochronology studies. In the meantime it is intended to continue to catalogue oaks in Yateley and Eversley with girth measurements of greater than 4 metres (diameter at breast height. of 1.25 metres).


Click here for our first report


The Yateley History Project


The Yateley History project materials form part of the "Members" section of the Yateley Society website. The open site pages allow our historical researchers, who are members of the Yateley History Project, to know what sort of resources are available. For third party copyright reasons, the materials themselves are password protected, and provided for members of the Yateley History Project to use for research to support the project. If you are interested in contributing to the Yateley History Project, please contact us.




Most Yateley History project materials are subject to third party copyright or data protection restrictions, which mean it is not normally possible to grant direct access to members of the public.


The Yateley History Project's policy is to answer specific questions directed by application here. We try to help researchers as much as we can. We expect those who obtain our help to provide their Yateley relevant historical materials to us in return, and in the case of family historians to provide their genealogical link from their Yateley ancestors down to themselves.


These open web pages allow historical researchers to know what sort of material is available. In fact we have far more than is on the closed website, both on computer and in traditional paper form, so it is better that we answer questions rather than grant access to the closed website.


A few items are already available on the "open" part of the Yateley Society website, and it is expected that there will be more of these available in future.


The Haven Story


The Story of The Haven Mother and Baby Home


Yateley Society Executive Committee wiki For Yateley Society Executive Committee only

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